About the Band

From a humble beginning in the Scottish Highlands & Islands, Hò-rò are gradually becoming a force to reckon with in the Scottish music scene. This group has held their audience spellbound with their energetic performance, musical tune arrangements everywhere they perform in Scotland. The group released their debut album in the summer of 2016, and the acceptance has been remarkable with colossal success recorded in album sales. With a line-up that features bagpipes, border pipes, accordion, fiddle, and whistles; musical instruments that are aligned with traditional Highland music combined with the sounds of guitar, keyboards, drums, and bodhran, Hò-rò can play diverse styles and produce a set that features rich musical textures. This instrumental mix is complemented further by both the unbeatable poetry of Gaelic song and the vivid storytelling of the Scots song genre.

Sean Cousins Inverness

Sean's musical talents were made apparent when he taught himself the piano at the age of 8. From then on he developed his abilities furthermore by teaching himself the drum kit and the guitar. Sean's musical career soared and found him working out of Los Angeles producing and playing with various musicians and artists. Sean has also been a part of many bands and has been featured on several albums. Sean's distinct style of playing never fails to bring a lively beat to the sound of Hò-rò.

Calum MacPhail Inverness

Calum has been playing from the early age of 7. He spent his younger years learning from a handful of top accordionists, until he eventually developed his own unique style. Originally from Fort William, Calum made his move to Inverness in 2007 where he continued to work endlessly on his technique. The young composer is quickly becoming one to watch as are his tunes which prove very popular to Hò-rò's audience.

Lucy Doogan Ballachulish

Lucy has been playing from a young age and is a regular session goer. Starting at such a young age she has experienced playing alongside many great musicians. Her unique smooth vocal has been praised ever since joining the band. and it definitely enhances the band’s sound. Lucy is also studying at Sabhal Mòr Ostaig.

Crisdean MacDonald Skye

Crisdean is a recognized face through-out young traditional music. Studying at National Centre of Excellence in Traditional Music (Plockton Music School) has seen him work with many great musicians. Music is not his only talent, at a young age, Crisdean was cast for the first Gaelic film to be screened in cinemas. He travelled Europe premiering the film in many cities. Originally from South Uist, Crisdean now resides in Skye where he attends Sabhal Mòr Ostaig . Picking up the bagpipes at a young age led him to trying his hands at other instruments like the Accordion and Bodhran. All 3 instruments Crisdean has mastered and is now a sought after session musician. Crisdean brings a lot of energy to the band and is a natural entertainer. It is safe to say, there will never be a dull moment with Crisdean on board!

Photo credits to Samuel Hurt.

© Alex Mackechnie